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The building complex consists of three industrial buildings and two office buildings located at 40 Athinon Avenue in Peristeri. It takes up almost the whole of building block 935 of the Peristeri Municipality, which is surrounded by the following streets: Veroias, Vervainon, Volou and Athinon Avenue. The complex used to house the bus building facilities of Biamax until 1984 and then served as the main vehicles and spare parts distribution centre for the various franchises Biamax held. The total surface of the land is 29,761 m2 and the surface area of the erected main and auxiliary spaces exceeds 46,000 m2. All urban area land uses are permitted making the complex particularly attractive for development.

Land use: Urban Planning Centre, permitting the following:

  1. Residences.
  2. Guesthouses, Hotels and other tourism facilities.
  3. Retail Stores (including Super-Markets and Department Stores).
  4. Offices, Banks, Insurance companies, Public Benefit organisations.
  5. Administration offices.
  6. Restaurants.
  7. Refectories.
  8. Entertainment and leisure centers.
  9. Public gatherings.
  10. Buildings hosting cultural events and generally cultural facilities.
  11. Educational buildings.
  12. Religious sites.
  13. Buildings housing social welfare services.
  14. Professional laboratories of low level ‘nuisance’.
  15. Car parks.
  16. Gas stations.
  17. Sports facilities.
  18. Trade show facilities.
  19. Public transport facilities.

Building Complex in Peristeri, Athens